Put Your Link Building Efforts Into Overdrive With Our Massive GSA SER Verified Lists

Get Access to a massive 2,400,000 verified list today!
( Available for the first 25 subscribers to our SerSync subscription only )

Our service will sky rocket your link building efforts with GSA Search Engine Ranker. We supply you with a massive 1 million + fresh verified list instantly and then sync your dropbox with an additional 50,000+ new targets every week on Sundays.

As many of you know, GSA Search Engine ranker is an extremely powerful link building tool but without the right list of target URL's it's like a Lamborghini with no fuel in the tank.

Our service will provide you with fresh verified targets on a weekly basis meaning you will be able GSA SER to its full capability.

Here is how SerSync works:

  • 1

    Six Servers Scraping and Processing Lists

    We have 6 servers that are running 24/7 scraping and processing lists. Two servers run Gscraper and 4 servers process those lists in GSA SER.

  • 2

    Verified folders saved to a Dropbox folder

    Our main processing servers save the verified links to a dropbox folder which is then de-duped and synced to you on a weekly basis.

  • 3

    Over 1 million verified targets with our monthly subscription

    When you subscribe to our monthly service you will receive an initial list of over 1 million verified targets and an additional 50,000 + each and every week synced to your Dropbox. (We give easy to understand instructions on how to set this up)

  • 4

    High PR Contextual targets

    When we scrape for targets we use custom footprints and scrape for high PR contextual targets meaning our lists are high in contextual targets

  • 5

    High LPM and VPM

    With our list expect to see your LPM and VPM go through the roof. Building upwards of 100,000 links per day is the norm with our lists.

100,000 links a day. Easy!

Massive Scraping with Gscraper

Look at the stats opposite from one of our processing servers. This list would be processed a second time to clear out the crappy links ensuring that the list you receive is the freshest possible.

  • Initial list of over 1 million target URL's delivered immediately
  • Dropbox synced additional weekly list of at least 50,000
  • Full instructions on how to set up and get the best out of our service and GSA SER
  • Bonus 2.4 million verified list to the first 25 subscribers

One of our Server Stats

SerSync List Stats

Our dropbox synced monthly subscription enables you to have a constant supply of fresh verified targets from our processing servers.

With our monthly subscription plan you will receive an initial list of over 1 million verified with a high number of contextual targets. Each week after we will sync your dropbox with an additional 50,000 + fresh targets meaning you will never be short of  fresh links to build.

Our service comes with full help tutorials and set up guides enabling you to get the best out of GSA Search Engine Ranker.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 07.57.06

The first 25 subscribers to our SerSync service will receive a bonus 2,400,000 verified list direct off our processing servers.

Our lists are limited to a maximum of 50 subscribers so don't delay and order today!


What you can expect from SerSync verified lists.

  • GSA SER & CB is all that is needed

    Our lists are processed with SER and CB only. No need for third party Captcha breaker services.

  • 1 million + verified list for only $45.00

    For $45.00 you will receive a minimum of 1 million target URL’s instantly and an additional 50K+ per week

  • Limited Availability

    Both our subscription and single lists are limited to a maximum of 50 people. Once we reach 50 sales our lists will be unavailable. Don’t delay, get these massive lists while you can.

  • Boost your rankings

    Our verified list will boost your rankings and help get you to the number 1 spot.

  • Dropbox Synced Lists

    Each week we update your verified list with an additional 50,000 + verified targets directly into your dropbox.

  • Excellent support and tutorials

    We offer help and full guides on how to use our lists to get the best out of GSA SER.

Which list is best for you ?

We offer two lists for sale. Our monthly subscription list which syncs fresh verified targets each week to your dropbox and single lists supplied on a bi-weekly basis. Our monthly subscription list is for the moderate to heavy user of GSA SER and our single lists are for people wishing to turbo charge their efforts on certain projects. Take a look at the stats below for each list.

    SerSync Monthly Subscription List

    • 1 Million + initial target list
    • 50K+ additional targets added weekly to dropbox
    • Loads of contextual targets
    • Only Captcha Breaker needed
    • Will put your LPM through the roof
    • Full set up guides and tutorials
    • Cancel your subscription at any time
    • Insane value at only $45.00 per month
    • Strictly limited to 50 people
    • BONUS: 2.4 Million verified list for the first 25 subscribers

    Bi-Weekly Single List

    • 250,000 verified targets
    • Loads of contextual targets
    • Only Captcha Breaker needed
    • Full set up guide and tutorials
    • Will put your LPM through the roof
    • Great to boost single projects
    • Delivered immediately
    • Unbelievable value at only $29.00
    • Strictly limited to 50 people

    Why Choose our lists ?

    Our lists are put through a two step verification process. Two servers process our scraped targets and save the verified targets to a dropbox folder. Our two other servers then process the verified links a second time ensuring that the final verified targets you receive are fresh and perform well. The picture opposite shows our stats on one server. You can easily build 100,000 + links a day on projects with our lists.

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