Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need your lists ?

GSA Search Engine ranker is an extremely powerful piece of software. One of the biggest downsides to the software is that in order for it to run at its best you need to feed it with fresh targets that it can post links to. Although the software can scrape and find its own targets, this uses resources that are better used in posting to already verified target lists.

We have six servers that are constantly scraping and processing scraped targets. This is an extremely time consuming process that costs a lot of money in server costs and proxies. Our lists will explode your link building efforts without the need for constantly scraping the web for target sites.

What Software do I need to use your lists ?

Our lists only require you to have GSA Search Engine Ranker and Captcha Breaker. There is no need for additional Captcha services as all of our lists are processed using the above software.

Do you provide tutorials ?

Yes. Once you have purchased our monthly subscription or single lists you will be directed to the download page where you will find full instructions on how to import the lists into GSA Search Engine Ranker. These tutorials are easy to understand and will have you using GSA SER to its full capability.

Do I need a dropbox account ?

If you subscribe to our monthly SerSync option then yes. With this service we give you full set up instructions on how to use GSA SER with Dropbox. Once you have your dropbox folder set up we sync an initial 300,000 verified targets to your Dropbox folder and then add an additional 50,000 + every week. This ensures you can let SER rip and continue to build links each and every week without doing anything else.


Do you offer refunds ?

No. Once you purchase our list you have already gained access to our product. Our lists are of the highest quality and go through a two step verification process. There are no exceptions to this and we operate with full integrity and offer the best support and help possible.

What LPM can I expect with your lists ?

This entirely depends upon your set up. If you are running GSA SER on a desktop with minimal proxies you will get much less LPM than a person running SER on a dedicated server with 100 proxies. Our set up tutorials will show you how to import the lists and get the best LPM for your own set up.

Is this a monthly service ?

Our SerSync option is a monthly service and our single lists are produced bi-weekly. With our monthly subscription you get an initial 300,000 verified synced to your dropbox and then an additional 50,000 + updated to your dropbox on a weekly basis. Our single lists are available bi-weekly as a one off purchase. If you purchase our monthly subscription and wish to cancel you can do so at any time.

Do you restrict the amount of lists you sell ?

Yes. Each list is restricted to a maximum of 50 users to ensure that our target sites are not abused.

Does your list include high PR domains ?

Yes. When we scrape for target sites we look for high PR contextual links.

Can your list be used directly on money sites ?

Yes. With the right settings and filters used in GSA SER you can use our list to build high PR links direct to your money site. Our lists are also good for Churn and Burn projects.

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